The Absence and Presence of Hearing

Day 10

Have you ever had a season where you could not hear God? I remember such a season many years ago. There was a period of 3 months of silence. Not a word, not a dream, nothing. But let me start from the beginning. I have always had dreams and visions even as a small child. It was not until I began to walk with God, did I know that this was a gift. Fast forward several years, I walked and talked with God daily, literally in everything. I spoke with Him so much, I would do things like getting in my car and loudly say, ok God which way do you want me to drive today, and He would answer. I remember early in my call I would share my hearing and conversations with God with some fellow believers and they would say things like “I wouldn't tell many people about that or are you sure that’s God. I didn't understand this feedback as this was my life for as long as I can remember.

On one particular occasion, I was studying the silent years or the years between the testaments. Months afterward, there was a period of one whole week that had passed and I hadn't had a dream. (And I dream hundreds of dreams a night). Then, the weeks turned into two, then 3. At first, I thought it odd but was not too concerned. Then, it hit me after 5 weeks, I was not dreaming, or seeing, or hearing from the Lord. I was devastated, disheartened and deeply troubled. I began to ask had I done something wrong, had God left me or was I crazy? This went on for 3 long unbearable months. I cried, I questioned but nothing. Now keep in mind this was before the internet was popular or cell phones etc. So, to make matters worse I didn't have anybody around to ask.

One day just as it had left, it returned. My God was I elated! I didn't understand then what I understand now. I knew one thing for sure I would never take hearing the voice of God for granted ever again in life. Later, God revealed to me that He allowed me to experience what it was like during the time between the testaments and to show me my complete and utter dependence on Him.

Is there anyone that will slow down enough to hear from Him? Is there anyone available who will speak for Him? Is there anyone that will cry out and say Lord here am I? In this dispensation of constant life interruptions, technologic interruptions, and spiritual warfare interruptions, it is more important than ever to take the time to hear from Heaven. Treasure your ability to hear and dialogue with our Heavenly Father. The heavens are speaking…..are you listening?

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