Regeneration is Necessary

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Day 8

In Bible numerology, 8 means a new beginning; it denotes “a new order or creation, and man's true 'born again' event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life.” But did you know the number 8 is also very significant such that it is used 73 times in the Bible? It is the symbol of Resurrection and Regeneration.

Regeneration by definition Spiritually, means that God brings Christians to a new life or "born again" from a previous state of separation from God and subjection to the decay of death. I remember the first time I received the Holy Spirit. I had been going to church regularly and often wondered how people spoke in tongues. I never asked for it I just silently wondered. One of my family members had suffered a loss that impacted the entire family. We all went to church, as a family, the following Sunday. I remember crying and feeling hot and faint. When I came to, I was on the floor and my teeth were chattering. I recall an older lady coming over and touching my mouth and saying to me “just let it come baby” and my spiritual language was born.! I was in awe as the very thing I had pondered, Jesus had now filled me with.

Many years later I was experiencing a complete spiritual drought when I happened on this scripture.

Acts 11

15 “As I began to speak, the Holy Spirit came down on them, just as on us at the beginning.

I literally asked God to be filled with the Holy Spirit again. I didn't even know if this was something I could ask or was supposed to ask, but I did. Over the next several days I filled my self with reading the Word, prayer, and worship. One night as I was reading the Word, I felt hot and faint and just as unexpected as the first time, God filled me with the Holy Spirit again! I recall waking up in my prayer closet and just thanking Him with everything.

We all need to be refilled at times, it's the process of regeneration. Based on the definition as stated above “God brings Christians to a new life or "born again" from a previous state of separation from God and subjection to the decay of death”, I had been separated from God. The separation came from hurt, pain, fear, and rejection. Now, I am not shy to ask God to refill me time and time again when needed. Your relationship with God is just that - YOURS- so ask for what you need from YOUR Heavenly Father. If you need to be refilled - ask, regenerated - ask, repaired - ask, reshaped - ask, or remodeled - ask!

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