Prophetic Pause

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Day 9

Today is the day of expectation! Expect, Expect, Expect Me! Expect Me to show up and show out. Expect me to show my Glory, my Power, my Strength, my Might, my Dominion. This is my Kingdom and I am the King, I am the Lord God who is, who was and who shall come. Feel my heart, feel my love, receive Me and you receive my love. My grace is available but do not take it for granted. Walk according to my spirit. Walk the path that I have set before thee. Look to me, Look in the spirit, look to the heavens and see my spirit. I am longing for you to see my Spirit, to see me, the real me. I want and desire to reveal the most intimate parts of me.

Know that I have come to you, to your seed, to every part of your being. Know that through the seek I shall cause stability, focus, purpose, and accountability. Let down your guard, let down your net and rest in Me. Reassess your field of view so you can see from my perspective. And what is my perspective:

  • There are more open doors than closed

  • There is more ahead than what is behind

  • There is always a birthing after a death

  • There is a trevail for you right now in the realm of the Spirit

I am causing such a shift that everything in your universe is adjusting to accommodate my Presence. I am causing you to walk in a realm that has zero limitations and full habitation. I am the Master architect and no one else knows my completed design for you and your life.

**If you missed a day or want to share they can be found here

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