Prayer Still Works - Prayer Watch I

Day 14

Prayer still works! One of the most powerful weapons we possess is prayer. For the next several days I will be posting the prayers watches, I am posting them individually to ensure we have a true understanding of each. More importantly, it will also give you an opportunity to begin praying and speaking at each prayer watch. There are a ton of websites and books on prayer watches so I will not reinvent any of the information. I am sharing the watches from the book written by Sagip Bansa - National Prayer Watch | 8 Prayer Watches ©2007.


(6.00 PM – 9.00 PM)

Lam. 2:18-19; Exo. 27:21; Psalm 119:148



God said in Matt. 16:16-19 that the thing you must possess is the GATES, and one of the keys we need to possess the gates is the key of the knowledge of TIME. Our day has a gate, our week has a gate, our month has a gate and our year has a gate. We must possess these gates, because whoever possesses the gates possesses and controls everything. The very first watch is the gate for the beginning of the new day.

[6 PM - 9 PM] Watch I

During the first watch, pray along these lines:

Time to Pray and Silence all the Voices (Curses) of the Enemies on our life, family, church, city and nation. Witches start flying during this watch, going around the precincts of the city (Psalm 59), because they intend to take hold of the gates of the day. We must possess the gate of our new day. Otherwise it will be the enemies possessing them, releasing curses on our day/s. It is the time to release judgment on the wicked, because this is the time we have the evening tide in line with Isa. 17:12-14 and Psalm 59. We need to release and proclaim into the new day God’s blessings, changing the environment or spiritual equation in our life, family, church, city and nation.

Period for Covenant Renewal with God.

It was the watch during which Jesus broke bread with His covenant between God and Israel. It is the time to appropriate the provisions in the Blood Covenant. Every covenant you have with God can be renewed at this time.

Time for the Nature of the Lamb of God. (Rev. 5)

This talks of ability to do what others can’t: Behold the Lamb, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who is able to break every yoke and the seals and open the Title Deed of the Universe (power, wealth, strength, wisdom, honor, glory and blessings). Humility is the greatest secret of His strength: that is the reason why during this watch, He tied the towel around His waist and washed His disciples’ feet. Leadership is service.

Time for Preservation of the Fruits of your Life.

Especially the fruits of the body. Every executive/leader can begin to pray for every project he starts to live out its divinely ordained lifespan.

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