Prayer of Shut In

Day 24 Prayer of Shut In

Us: Manifest yourself, Lord, show us your Glory, show us your Power, show us your Strength. Reveal yourself to us, God, as we declare we need more of you. God we need more of you, show me You, show me your Might. We want a visitation, we need a visitation, we need more, more, more. We admit Lord we are lost without you, desperate for you and we can’t make it without you. We are hungry, we are thirsty and we want you to feed us and fill us. Feed us manna from Heaven. Take us up, take us higher Lord.

The Lord’s response: Don’t worry, drop every care and concern, I am protecting you (fill in your name here). I am keeping you. Only I know the times and seasons. Guard yourself in this hour. Guard what goes into your ear, into your spirit. Protect and defend what I have given you. Protect and defend your space, your time, your mind, your ministry. Protect, Protect. I promise I Am is protecting you no matter what it looks like in this season says the Lord Almighty.

This year I am causing some things to move. They make look out of place but be perfectly positioned all at the same time. Don’s try to move it, force it or replace it. It's already done, I am the Lord God Almighty and I am calling you by name. (fill in your name here), understand every problem has a Genesis, which means every problem also has an Exodus!

Remember words kill and destroy but they also create and build up. Speak to it. Period

I AM is causing (fill in your name here)

  • To grow and develop

  • To walk into a greater place

  • To walk my way do my will

  • To think and create

  • To focus on the assignment

  • To guide and receive strategy

  • To complete the mission

  • To love again and to live again

  • To lose the fear of... and trust Me no matter what

  • To be rooted and grounded

  • To do the work and enjoy the worship


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