No Matter What

I started this year off with one medical crisis after another 1 of which almost took my life After God healed my body then told me to work on some natural things. I fixed my credit after the credit was fixed he told me that I was dying in the familiar territories. So I decided to take a leap of faith and move into a new residents with no memories attached. Then in July he told me now it's time to work on my natural body so I went to the gym yesterday and work out with a personal trainer felt like I was going to pass out like for real lol.

I share this to say

  • no matter the obstacle

  • no matter the set back

  • no matter the disappointment

  • no matter the hindrance

  • no matter the world view

  • no matter what you must go forth to do what God is calling you to do you must take one piece of the puzzle of your life at a time and allow the master to help you put it back together to help you get things in order.

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