It’s Time to Leap

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Day 30

As we enter into this new month in this new year we have what we refer to as a “Leap Year”. A leap year has 366 days instead of the usual 365 days and occurs nearly every four years. The extra day during leap years is leap day on February 29.

For the next several days I will be writing from this subject but let’s start today with a Prophet declaration!

It’s Time To Leap Prophetic Declaration!

Leap Woman of God, Leap Man of God

Leap for your life, Leap for your joy, Leap for Ministry,

Leap for love, leap for Power, Leap for your peace, leap leap leap leap


God is causing and calling for Revival across the land

We have to ignite it, start it, if no one will, will we

Will we - when No one else will - Will we go, Will we lead

Will we bring his Glory, Will we fight for Him

Will we fight for His Glory to be revealed And released

Will we do it, Will we obey and do it, By any means necessary

We have to take a chance that has never been taken!

We have to do what’s never been done!

We have to create, we have to produce, we have to try, we have to


We have to gooooo --- No more nooooo

No more, No more can’t, No More Excuses, No more pity parties

No waiting on someone else, No more, No more

No more doubts, No more fear, No more lack of faith

Leap for many are waiting - Leap for favor is waiting

Leap for He is waiting - HE WILL CATCH US – He will never see us fail,

He is Alpha GOD - HE IS God of War - He is Alpha of Alpha

Leap for supernatural ability

Leap for complete trust in Him

Leap for something completely out of the ordinary.

It's time to LEAP

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