Heavenly Humility

Day 12

Let's continue our conversation on extended Fasting! Extended fasting is a form of humility. It’s saying, God, not my will but your will be done and God I won’t move until you bless me. Humility is when you can go to God and ask for purification.

Many times we dictate the times and places of seeking and spending time with our Heavenly Father. We say for example:

  • “We will fast or pray for a certain number of days or hours”

  • “We will go into consecration”

  • “We will go on a sabbatical”

  • ...we say, we say

But, I want to tell you that I have an announcement from Heaven -

  • True purification happens when God himself Invites you to the mountain top.

  • True purification happens when God himself Invites you to the wilderness

  • True purification happens when God himself Invites through His messenger - the Holy Spirit, to COME, compelling you drawing you

Mark 9:2a

“After six days Jesus took Peter, James and John with him and led them up a high mountain, where they were all alone.”

Took and Led are words that are synonymous with an invitation. Ask God to invite you in, ask God to invite you up, ask God to invite you to the next level rather than you fighting to get there. In humility and complete surrender to God, He will extend an invitation that you have never see, heard nor experienced. You are reading this, you are spending time in prayer and worship. You are fasting, you are, you are because He is extending a Personal Invitation – will you accept?

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