Fasting and a Prophetic Word October 2020

Anybody wanna Fast with me? I heard the word Below and I heard these fasting instructions for October 2020:

Step 1.

Choose one of the following:

  • 21 days Straight Or

  • 10 Random days during the month

Step 2.

Choose the type of Fast

  • Daniel Fast - here is a food list of what you can Have

  • Juice Only or Water only for a period of hours etc

Step 3.Choose a time

  • Either all day 24/7 or

  • 6am to 6pm etc

Things to Remember

  • In order to be successful you must spend more time in Prayer, Worship, and The Word, you must feed your Spirit. For example, I am also not watching TV movies, etc during this time.

  • Specify the Reason for your fast - write out a list of Natural and Spiritual reasons

Ex: Marriages, Finances, a Closer walk with God, the nations, etc

PROPHETIC WORD I heard the Lord say: We have entered a Spiritual New Year and today October 1, 2020, entered and ushered in a new month and a new and final quarter of this natural calendar year. Make Room to receive that which you have asked for, that which you have been seeking me for, that which you have sown much for. It is harvest time, it is Go time. To those who have suffered losses, I am is coming as Swift Water Rescuer. Watch out for the Hitchhiker and Hijacking spirit which will show in the form of things and people looking to tag along and gain on that which you have labored and worked for. For those with projects on the table, you will receive final instructions to go forth. Launch etc during this fast. The Lord is literally catapulting plans and strategies, visions, and goals. GO. DO. Be. Period. As things continue to unfold across our nations and the world, it is the Word of God that will sustain and maintain you. It is through the Word, Fasting, and Prayer that you personally will be covered and protected. For those who are called to intercede for the nations, write out prayers and declarations using the Word and speak them out every day until you see the move that God is speaking. God is going to show you signs that your declarations are making a difference, that His Word still establishes, uproots, and plants all at the same time. To those who are writers and producers, if you partake in this fast you will have days where there are going to be literal downloads from Heaven and an unblocking of any and everything that has caused you not to write or produce. For others who COVID19 caused you to shift your entire business model, Ministry or Church know that it for the good and the Lord says now Work that Thing!! Work it, create it, try it do it, change it and Work it again! Be willing to cross collaborate with like-minded, like-spirited people. I hear The sound of a million shofars blowing, I hear the sound of abundant Rain, and Jesus Reigns. I hear the sound of a stampede rushing in on your behalf. I hear the sound, make your sound. Be your sound.

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