Don't Give up on God or Christianity

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

There are those who have given up on God, given up on Christianity. And why? Because of the failure of a man or a woman, their own failures or because they didn't see or otherwise get an outcome of a life situation, circumstance or problem that they wanted. Or because ministry or business endeavors haven't turned out the way they thought. Listen, you being a Christian and in relationship with God is about a personal relationship with Him, not your church, your pastor, your career, your anything. Being a Christian is about YOUR belief in Jesus Christ. Your love for God, your love for Jesus is not predicated on circumstances. Love for the person of the Trinity just IS. Yes I've had times when I Lost hope, lost joy, lost peace, lost ministry, lost marriage, lost jobs, lost friends, lost lost lost...but the gains My God, I have never ever stop loving God. I have never stopped having my personal, intimate, life sustaining relationship with Him. Yes I may question, yes I have doubt and fears and tears at certain times of my life, BuT I love Him for Me, and He Loves Me for Me. I LOVE HIM period. No human being can make me not Love Him because of them, their behavior, or their departure from God. I won't debate anyone, I'm only going to demonstrate a life poured out. Serve God for yourself, its not an obligation, it's a privilege and an honor to be a recipient of His Love. You may be reading this and thinking what's next, what about the last time, what about, what if etc. My words to you today are simple: Go back to the basics, Jesus Christ and Him Crucified for YOU. Go back to basics, the Blood, Prayer and the Cross. Go back to Him and allow Him to detoxify you from religious methodology, toxic dysfunctional jobs, relationships and other unhealthy people and environmental atmospheres. Allow Him to saturate, renew and refresh. Allow Him to reveal your own personal truths, your You and then permit Him to just BE GOD in you and in your Life. Allow Him to Lead you, Guide you, Direct You. Human beings can interfere, impact or otherwise affect you, but God created you, God Created YOU. So allow the Creator to Create your Next, YOUR New, Your Now.

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