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Last year I was in a bit of a slump in terms of what I wanted to do Next in LIFE. I experienced frustration and realized I  didn't feel as I was achieving Purpose. A family member was taking a Master Class about something totally unrelated but cam across information about creating online courses. I did the research and realized not online did I want to teach online but also in person. I launched my first online-only course in October, then in January 2020 launched my Zoom live classes. Well, who knew COVID19 was going to show up. Fortunately, I was already in position and had worked all (well most) of the kinks out. I started my second Live Class via Zoom in May. 

Both classes are still ongoing and the students have giving nothing but rave reviews and even stated how in the midst of COVID19, the classes literally have been a lifeline. So what exactly is 365 Days of Intentionality? Originally it was designed to literally provide teaching and resources for an entire year to keep students focused, planning, and fulfilling purpose. then once we started it became so much more! Actually speaking with students in class and 1 to 1 and seeing them bring words and visions to Life. We have had students launch businesses, seminars, social media platforms and so much more!

We have been established as a Ministry since 2004 with our Federal Tax ID and registered as a Non-Profit in the state of Texas since 2012. Coach and Dr. Tammy Bradford is Licensed, Ordained, and Well Trained! She has been Teaching, Preaching, and more since 1999.

We have 2 tracks that can be taken separately or in a Hybrid track combined. One of the things we have learned is - "not everyone wants to take classes for the entire year." 

So now we offer: 


Here is a brief summary of some of the topics: Life Track

  • Purpose Intro 

  • Passion & Pursuit Having vs Not Having Purpose  & the Impact

  • ROI & Goal Setting

  • Change and Transition Strategy 

  • Focus & Planning  

  • Declare Decrees in Everyday Life

  • One-Shot Series

  • Power of Thought

  • Cycles & Generational Hindrances

  • Vision Point Strategy

  • ...and much much more!

Here is a brief summary of some of the topics: Ministry Track

  • Study of the Cross

  • The Tree of Life

  • Understanding your Call

  • The Names of God & What they mean to the Believer 

  • Jesus as the Source of Christian Living

  • Spiritual Shelter and Healing

  • Becoming a Seeker

  • Intentional Inhabitation

  • Preparing yourself as the Dwelling Place

  • Appointed as Levites

  • Collective Work of the Holy Spirit Spirit 

  • ...and more and more!

So what are you waiting for ENROLL TODAY!

Life Track  and/ or Ministry Track 

Christian Life Coach Certification